Membership benfits

  • To attend SSR activities such as the SSR conference, workshops and symposium at a reduced rate or free of charge
  • To receive the notifications about an international, regional and national meetings in addition to all mailings from the SSR.
  • To participate in most SSR campaigns and different arthritis days.
  • Networking: expand and stay connected to your network of peers from around the world at SSR conferences and online through our online professional communities.
  • Clinical and Research Awards and Grants: SSR members can nominate outstanding colleagues or mentors for Awards of Distinction. Additionally, only members can apply for research and educational grants through the SSR Research Committee.
  • Award of distinction Earn accommodation or nominate colleagues through the annual awards program in SSR in which members are recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Rheumatology.
  • Image library: Download images for free from the Rheumatology Image.

SSR Membership Categories

Certified Rheumatologist member
Non-Rheumatologist Member Not certified in rheumatology.

member should be engaged in a rheumatology-related specialty (e.g. – Internal Medicine, Allergy & Immunology, Primary care physician) OR be actively engaged in scientific research in the field of rheumatology or immunology

Student, Resident and Other:

Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Pharmacist

How to join the SSR website

Fill in the Application Form and post it with the other required documents online or send it to the SSR email:

Or contact the SSR secretary at 011480800 Ext:1712 \ Fax: 2509